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Welcome to PurpleRenegade.com!

We’re big fans of leading edge jewellery design in genres such as Bohemian and Steampunk and everything related to these amazing styles. We started this company in 2016 with the goal of spreading the word about the amazing designs that are now available and helping people find amazing items from these niches which continue to expand their attractiveness to more and more people.

The concept of selling really lovely fashion products that stand out as being fresh, attractive (or simply just fun!) isn't rocket science is it?. Good customer care should be 'Standard' shouldn't it? Well that's what PurpleRenegade is all about - good products, good service and good prices - That's it! 

So be sure to check out the awesome stuff on this site!

We hope you enjoy our site and everything is has to offer!

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So, take a browse, pick out something, then..... Make it your own!

The Purple Renegade Team.